"Glück auf" in the Terra Montana!

About 68 m long miner’s slide Terra Mystica takes you to the interior of the mountain and take the pit lane 2 km to 700 m long circuit of Terra Montana.

Station points are:
Work with hammer and chisel; Manually filling work; inclined shaft; throw shovels, drilling out and filling a tunnel; Lokförderung; Informative film contributions; Maxschacht (view at 250 m depth), St. Barbara, lead and zinc man ...

In 14 stations will give you the active mining, beginning in 800 BC, taught until closing in 1993 with original functional mining equipment.
A total of 1300 km of tunnels were beaten at that time. Experience the world of work miner from the manual cleaning to modern mechanized mining method, and listen to you to the old Joseph, who spent many years in the mineral and tell a lot about the history of white ...






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